CoreNetiX & IP500 Alliance, in Partnership with SMK Electronics Corporation, Unveil the CNX200 Dual Band Wireless Module for Commercial Facility Automation at International CES 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 5th, 2017 --- CoreNetiX, a strategic partner of the IP500 Alliance and developer of IP-based wireless intelligent network connectivity products, announced today that it will unveil its new CNX200 Dual Bank Wireless Module designed for IP500® commercial facility automation.  Presented in partnership with SMK Electronics Corporation, CoreNetix will be showcasing the CNX200, along with other new connectivity solutions, at International CES 2017 (LVCC booth #20200, South Hall-1).

The CNX200 Dual Band Module, new from CoreNetiX, provides wireless connectivity for a broad range of smart devices across IP500-platform commercial and industrial automation systems. Providing 802.15.4 connectivity in both Sub-GHz and 2.4GHz bands, the CNX200 delivers fast, robust data throughput--supporting regulated building security & safety products as well as comfort sensor systems in facility automation applications.

“We’re pleased to be showing our new CNX200 Dual Band Wireless Module this year at International CES,” said Hans van Leeuwen, Chief Executive Officer, CoreNetiX. Commercial facility automation is a rapidly-expanding global opportunity, driven in large part by the emergence of the IP500 Alliance standard.  Through our recently-announced partnership with SMK Electronics, we have enhanced our technological core competence, combining it with the manufacturing capability required to adequately service this expanding market opportunity.”


About IP500®

The IP500 Alliance is an international organization of building automation manufacturers. The organization’s IP500 standard, a non-proprietary, high-performance, secure building automation platform, supports commercial wireless protocols including IEEE 802.15.4-2006, 6LoWPAN, IPv6, IPSec, BACnet, and AES128, IP500®, to ensure maximum interoperability and specification of client wireless interface protocols.  Learn more at


About CoreNetiX

CoreNetiX, a strategic partner of the IP500 Alliance, provides highly efficient IP (Internet Protocol) based wireless intelligent network stacks on top of cutting-edge design solutions for Radio Chips. We enable highest performance of the wireless link and scalability of a sensor network by incorporating and synchronizing applications protocols with IP based network stack functions and the Radio Chip design features. In addition, CoreNetiX integrates networking software into existing OEM hardware, providing integration and engineering services. For more information, see


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