Flat Panel TV & Custom Remote Controls

SMK supplies leading TV, STB, and a multitude of OEM's throughout the world with custom designed remote controls for mid to high-volume production requirements. We are vertically integrated and this gives SMK a competitive advantage as we control the design, validation, tooling and manufacturing of your custom product utilizing our in-house capabilities.

SMK is an experienced manufacturer for a multitude of remote control technologies with core competencies from infrared (IR) through Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, RF4CE to WiFi Direct protocols, delivering such features as voice, motion and touchpad technologies.

SMK has developed strong relationships with best in class chip makers. Our collaboration allows us to provide a plethora of choices to satisfy our most discerning clientele.

SMK was the first company to manufacture a RF4CE remote control and the first to manufacture a WiFi Direct audio streaming remote control.

Flat Panel TV Product Categories