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Z-Wave Technology

Z-Wave is a proprietary wireless home network protocol that offers an alternative, low-cost, and energy-efficient way to connect residential control devices and set them up for remote or automatic operation.


Conceptually, Z-Wave is intended to provide a simple yet reliable method to wirelessly control lights and appliances in your house.  Z-Wave systems use radio waves allowing a variety of network devices to communicate, including (with the addition of a plug-in adapter) appliances and home lighting. Once the network is established, users can conveniently operate devices from their computers or mobile phones, and check on the status of commands involving multiple devices and programs of the system.


The Z-Wave system uses a simplistic sub-GHz or, 908.42/868.42MHz frequency range, making it less likely to interfere with WiFi or Bluetooth connections already present. To meet these design parameters, Zensys's Z-Wave package includes a chip with a low data rate that offers reliable data delivery along with simplicity and flexibility.


Each Z-Wave network may have up to 232 nodes with two sets of nodes: controllers and slave devices. The nodes may be configured to retransmit the message to guarantee connectivity within the environment of a residence. The average communication distance between two nodes is 100 feet, with the ability to send a message up to four times between nodes, giving enough coverage for most residential needs.


SMK is a member of the Z-Wave Alliance and has developed a remote control with Z-Wave Capabilities.


Z-Wave Technology


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