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ZigBee® Technology

A wireless network used for home, building and industrial control, ZigBee conforms to the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard for low data rate networks. With ZigBee has a maximum speed of 250 Kbps at 2.4 GHz and is slower than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but is designed for low power consumption so that batteries can last for months and years. The typical ZigBee transmission range is roughly 50 meters.

ZigBee devices allow batteries to last up to years using primary cells without any chargers. Because ZigBee offers a low device cost, low installation cost and low maintenance, the simplicity allows for inherent configuration and redundancy of network devices provisions for low maintenance.


Zigzag Like A Bee


A ZigBee mesh network provides multiple pathways from device to device and eliminates a single point of failure. Should nodes go down or are removed, ZigBee devices can "zig" and "zag" through the network to their ultimate destination similar to the flight of a bumblebee. ZigBee networks can also be configured in star and peer-to-peer topologies, but it is the mesh network from which ZigBee was named.

General Characteristics

     Dual PHY (2.4 GHz and 869/915 MHz)

     Data rates of 250 kbps (@2.4 GHz), 40 kbps (@ 915 MHz), and 20 kbps (@868 MHz) 

     Optimized for low duty-cycle applications (<0.1%)

     CSMA-CA channel access

         –     Yields high throughput and low latency for low duty cycle devices like sensors and controls

     Low power (battery life multi-month to years)

     Multiple topologies:  star, peer-to-peer, mesh

     Addressing space of up to:

    –     18,450,000,000,000,000,000 devices (64 bit IEEE address)

    –     65,535 networks

     Optional guaranteed time slot for applications requiring low latency

     Fully hand-shaked protocol for transfer reliability

     Range: 50m typical (5-500m based on environment)


SMK is a member of the Zigbee Alliance and has developed OEM remote controls with Zigbee Capabilities.


For additional information about Zigbee and the Zigbee Alliance please visit: