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SMK Electronics Opens Sales Office in Brazil


São Paulo’s SMK Electonica Brasil Ltda to Supply Brazil Pay TV Markets With Localized Remote Control Development and Support



São Paulo, Brazil – July 30th, 2013 --- SMK Electronics Corporation, one a leading global manufacturer of remote controls and consumer electronics components, today announced expansion of its presence in South America with the opening of a new sales office, SMK Electonica Brasil Ltda, in São Paulo Brazil. Directed by Mr. Mario Sergio Stehling Melo and under the supervision of Mr. Alfonso Camacho, SMK’s new office will supply OEM remote control design, development and manufacturing solutions to Pay TV markets in Brazil and neighboring countries.

Following closely upon the company’s expansion of its NAFTA-certified manufacturing facilities in Mexico, SMK’s opening of its new São Paulo sales office will bring cost-effective remote control development and manufacturing to Brazil’s Pay TV marketplace. Utilizing the latest IR, RF and Bluetooth® Smart communication technologies, SMK’s advanced remote control solutions enable new interface options for interactive content including voice command, touchpad navigation and gesture-based control of Set-top-Box delivered rich media programming.

”Responding to a sustained increase in demand for Pay TV services throughout South America, we are excited to expand our presence there through the opening of a new sales office in Brazil,” said Paul Evans, president of SMK Electronics Corporation, U. S. A. “The São Paulo office, through localized customer involvement, participation and support, is designed to strengthen and expand SMK's business and market penetration, not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America.”

SMK Electronics’ new sales office address is SMK Electronica Brasil Ltda, Av. Paulista 37 - 4o Andar, São Paulo, 01311-902, Brazil. The telephone number is (+55 (11) 2246-2832, and the fax number is +55 (11) 2246-2799.

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