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Windows® 7 Media Center Accessories

(IR Remote Control, USB Transreceiver & IR Blaster)

Windows 7 Remote Control

The IR remote control (transmitter) is equipped with Windows® 7 Media Center Start Button to easily navigate from TV, video or DVD.


The USB transreceiver has a learning function to remember the remote control signals.


The set-top-box can be controlled through the IR blaster by the remote control.


Quatro Pulse is the perfect solution for wireless applications such as keyboards, mice and multi-user gaming controls. As an option to the standard frequency range, SMK's Quatro (four) Pulse accepts up to four accessory units to interface with one receiver or, an imbedded chip for additional cost-savings by eliminating the need for three more receivers or chips.


Quatro Pulse is capable of exceptionally high-speed Band 2 frequency of 455 KHz (conventional Band 1 frequency is 38 KHz) and a bit rate of 9,600 bps (conventional: 300 to 1,200 bps) with superior angular coverage and little or no interference. A variation with a wide-angle coverage is also available

IR Remote Control Specifications Transmission protocol: SMK exclusive Quatro Pulse IR
Menu button: Windows® 7 Media Center Start Button
Number of keys: up to 53 keys
Power source: 3V DC (2 AAA cells)
Transmission distance: 5 meters
Dimensions: 215 mm × 45.4 mm × 23.7 mm
USB Transreceiver Specifications Interface: USB fullspeed 12 Mbps
Driver: Windows® 7 compatible standard driver
Range of Learnable Frequency: 32 KHz to 56 KHz
IR blaster connecting jack: 2 pieces
External dimensions: 64.5 mm × 49 mm × 20 mm
Cable length: 2 meters

Windows® 7 computers and peripheral equipment
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