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 > Capacitive Touch Panel Featuring a Single Glass Sensor


Capacitive Touch Panel Featuring a Single Glass Sensor

Fewer parts needed to create the sensor:
   Sensor consists of single sheet glass with front and back ITO coating
   Requires no OCA sheet for glass bonding


Bridgeless structure brings superior appearance:
    Achieved by eliminating the need for bridges at intersections


Thinner and Lighter:
    Single-glass sensor is thinner and lighter than other sensors


Major Specifications Sensing method: Self and Mutual Capacitive
Transparency: 90% maximum (including a protective film)
Reflectance: 10% maximum (including a protective film)
Input method:  Finger
Input force:  0N 
Operating temperature:  -30 to 85°C 
Storage temperature:  -40 to 95°C 
Part Number "CapDuo" Touch

Car navigation equipment, and automotive center consoles