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USB Type-CTM PCB Mount Receptacles

Two types of right angle PCB mount receptacles:
   On Board Type and Mid Mount Type
   Compatible with USB Type-CTM standard*


Shortest connector length in the industry:
   7.6mm depth
   Double-shell structure for enhanced durability against plug twisting


Unique structure ensures precise co-planarity
   Co-planarity of 0.08mm maximum
   Design of outer shell for mounting is customizable with customer’s request

*USB Type-CTM is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum.
USB Type-CTM is a new standard of USB connector, featuring support of high-speed transmission of up to 10Gbps, and is reversible enabling insertion and extraction regardless of the plug’s orientation.


Major Specifications Rating: 20V DC, 5A
Contact resistance: 40mΩ maximum
Insulation resistance: 100V DC, 100MΩ minimum
Withstanding voltage: 100V AC (1 minute, no arc or dielectric breakdown)
Operating temperature: -30° to +80°C
Operating life:  10,000 cycles
Part Number

CSS5324-1M01F (Mid Mount Type):
    7.6mm (L)x 8.95mm (W)x 3.46mm (H)
    Mounting Height: 1.88mm
    Mounting Area: 92.575mm2
CSS5324-3M01F (On Board Type):
    7.6mm (L)x 8.94mm (W)x 3.5mm (H)
    Mounting Height: 3.5mm
    Mounting Area: 74.463mm2


Smartphones, tablet PCs, car navigation equipment, set-top boxes, head-mounted displays, robots, digital cameras, etc.