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 > Waterproof FAKRA Connector for Automotive Devices


Waterproof FAKRA Connector for Automotive Devices

  • FAKRA-compliant and waterproof 

    •     Meets IPX7 waterproof standard when components are mated

  • Smaller size and high-frequency performance

    •     Cable plug can pass through 12mm diameter holes
    •     Wide frequency range from DC to 4GHz

    Customers can request custom products

    •     SMK standard cable: 1.5DS-QHEB
    •     Please contact us for custom specific cable assembly versions

        (Recommended cables include: 1.5D and RG174)

Major Specifications Voltage and current rating: 60 V AC, 1 A
Frequency range: Up to 4 GHz DC
Nominal Impedance:  50 ohms

1.3 maximum (up to 2 GHz)
1.5 maximum (2 to 4 GHz)
Operating temperature: -40 to +85° C
Part Number

Jack Cable Assembly: CRS9001-30XXF

Plug Cable Assembly: CRC1001-57XXF


Automotive devices (antennas, surround view camera modules, etc.)